Gypsy Collections - photographs

The Gypsy Collections include several thousand photographs - prints in their original albums, glass negatives and lantern slides - of Gypsies in various countries, with an emphasis on Britain and Ireland. Most of the photographs were taken by Gypsy Lore Society members Fred Shaw (d. 1940) and Ivor Evans (1886-1957) between 1900 and 1940.

University of Liverpool Gypsy Collections

The Gypsy collections at the University of Liverpool comprise the Gypsy Lore Society Archive, and the Scott Macfie Gypsy Collection of books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, sound recordings and press cuttings. The main historical focus of the collections is the period from the mid 19th to the mid 20th century. For genealogy, the Romany & Traveller Family History Society ( is a useful starting-point.

The Patrin Web Journal: Romani Culture and History

The Patrin Web Journal, dedicated to Romani (Gypsy) culture and history and to extending awareness of the continuous Roma struggle to achieve and maintain dignity and freedom. Patrin is a learning resource and information centre about Romani culture, social issues, and current events. Links to relevant organizations.

Gypsy Lore Society

The Gypsy Lore Society, an international association of persons interested in Gypsy and Traveler Studies, was founded in Great Britain in 1888. Since 1989 it has been headquartered in the United States. Its goals include promotion of the study of Gypsy, Traveler, and analogous peripatetic cultures worldwide; dissemination of accurate information aimed at increasing understanding of these cultures in their diverse forms; and establishment of closer contacts among scholars studying any aspects of these culture.

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Roma Gypsy Romani Gypsy Romani~ Pesha's blog.Pesha have set up a blog to promote a positive image of the Roma, understanding and tolerance.

Roma Gypsy Romani Gypsy Romani~ Pesha's blog
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